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Monday, August 27, 2012


干久没有写东西了。。。 最近受了点情伤想写写东西发泄不满。干!就是注定单身。失败了干多次,发现到也许都是被自己搞砸了。偏偏喜欢在不对的时间点,或不对的情况下,或用不对的方式,向对的人示爱。经过不断的磨练,屡战屡败,屡败屡战。分析出了某种结论,就是过分自私。在雄性荷尔蒙高涨时,又孤独寂寞的时候,我都会做出一些当时觉得理所当然,又有点热血的事。但是从来不会考虑别人的感受,别人的处境,别人的想法。只会一厢情愿地干些傻事。 唉~神啊,什么时候才肯赐给我一个女朋友。老子我寂寞啊。异性朋友暂时够了,来点别的吧。。。难道真的不会在求学期间有所起色吗? 现在是半夜十二点。好饿啊。。。

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


一个铁罐 在城市的深处 划过
它 以那优美的弧度 随着自然的抛物线
从 弹夹里 快速射出

有一群 为公正而行的公民
有一群 为真理而走的人民

还有一班 为正义而呐喊的热血青年
还有一班 为权益而奋斗的民主斗士

也有一些 碰巧经过的游人
也有一些 隔岸观火的商家

还有一个 奄奄一息的病人
还有一个 年过古稀的阿麽

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lots Of Love (3)

Alright! back to love...

these 2 years, i didnt debated anymore. but still, i am flocking with the crows. starting to learn how to care for others. i cant help but starting to care more of friends around me, observing their life and friends subconsiously. i forgotten how it started, but it seems that i was shot by cupid. compressing my emotion, i tried to live on as usual. but at last, i learnt the lesson that it is better to wait for the best time than to let your emotions get onto you. learnt it through the hard way.

but still, i'll persevere my love. to prove that i'm serious, to myself, to you and to everyone. that i'm no more hallucinator.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

A to Z

Anything we did contributes to our life.
Be grateful for things your friend did for you.
Compare and contrast yourself with others to find the special 'you'.
Do not fear to apologize.
Enlighten yourselves by reading my blog.
Friends are meant to be fuck-ed up.
Guesses are often unreal, so forget about it.
Hesitate more and you are digging your own grave.
Inspect yourself from time to time.
Jenius Ng in the making.
Kim Possible rocks.
Love more when you still can.
Make my day by leaving a comment down there.
Nothing can alter my love to you.
Ogawa like be to wish I.
Procastination kills the dog.
Quest for knowledge shouldn't fade.
Rusting occurs on iron, and my heart is made by steel.
Steal my brain dude!
Tell me what you're thinking, please.
U are the apple of my eyes.
View my thoughts and you'll die of shock.
Without you, i'm imperfect.
Xcluding you from my world will cause absolute emptiness.
Yell out and we'll feel much better.
Zero perspiration equals to zero gain.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lots Of Love (2)

so, i mentioned about super friend right?

then, another female who changed my life. (yeah, i like exaggerating.XD) actually, i still didnt know the exact reason why did she refuse to talk to me for more than one year. but thats not the point. the point is, we are also bff now. :D i need to thank her, for teaching me to be 专一 and patience.

next, i made a decision which i believe, had reversed my secondary school life. I SHOULDNT HAD STOPPED DEBATING. yeah, i'll probably repeating this for numerous times in my life. BUT, as i said in the previous post, i didnt regret. because this decision brought me into different areas. which includes organizing events and competitions. i would like to thank everyone who taught me and gave me chance to perform during this period of time.

(to be cont again...)
(sorry la. or i'll overdose of love)